Laura Bohling Speaks about Ready, Fight, Win and the Office helps a dog

The meeting went smoothly (save for one instance) and was very productive, with the first big item up for discussion being the Blue Coast Fundraiser! The RCYD is having a fundraiser on September 7th, running all day, with 10% of all sales going to help fund future events and outreach programs! Come out and show your support for the Dems at 1122 Memorial Blvd by eating delicious burritos and queso and chips! Bring your friends and hang out like pretty much everyone does at Blue Coast!

Then, we had our wonderful speaker Laura Bohling speak to us about Ready, Fight, Win, a program that helps prepare people to be involved in campaigns or run for candidacy themselves. The course offers information on voter count, how to canvass, the inner workings of the political machine, and supplements that with knowledge on how to speak in public, and present arguments and ideas in a concise and professional way. Ready, Fight, Win is held the first week of every month, staggered by Ready, Fight, and Win each having its own respective month. The next session will be held on September 12th and 14th, with a Saturday session also available. Sessions are only $15, so come out and learn how to be a part of change!

After that, our meeting moved on to discussion of some matters that needed closure, such as our Boro Pride presence and outreach programs. In the course of that, we were suddenly interrupted by a local hero trying to get a dog out of the middle of the road. We were asked to call an ambulance and the police in that order to deal with this dog that was just crossing the road. Luckily someone “seemed to be walking towards the dog”, and there was no need to involve the authorities to stop that dog from crossing the street.

All in all, the next coming weeks are full of events for the RCYD, so come out, show your support, and join us in being the change that you seek.

All the Best, Your Rutherford County Young Democrats.