The Office Hosts Gayle Jordan, Senate Candidate Extraordinaire


Our monthly meeting could not have gone better! After catching our members up on the wonderful momentum we’ve been building in 2018, Gayle Jordan took the podium to talk to us about her message, her motivation, and why people should be voting for her in the District 14 special election, happening March 13th!

Gayle Jordan wants to bring the voice of the people to our state Congress, something that has been severely lacking in a Republican supermajority that seems committed to looking out for solely their own interests. The voice that she wants to bring is one of reason, of fairness, and justice. As a mediation lawyer, Gayle has years of experience working through conflict, finding middle ground, and ensuring that the solution benefits everyone involved. The people have been the last thing on our legislators minds for far too long, and it’s time to bring in someone that truly believes that we deserve to be heard. Her commitment to our interests cannot be understated. There is no reason anyone who has a stable and fulfilling life would put everything at risk like this by running. Agree to take the insults and the hate in such a red state. A position that comes with immense scrutiny and pressure, is not something that is undertaken lightly. But Gayle understands the risk, and chooses to move forward with the race because of how much she cares. She wants everyone to have a stable and fulfilling life. Security for their children. Most importantly, to fight for the concerns of the people. The commitment alone that Gayle brings to the table is exactly what we need in our congress at the moment, and we hope to see the election turn out in the people’s favor.

However, Gayle is not the only one who can make a difference for our collective well being. There are several opportunities to get involved and help with canvassing, phone banking, and especially voter registration. Our very own executive member, Eric Hughes, is spear heading a voter registration event for early February, to hopefully reach out and register as many people as we can. We will keep everyone updated as those details are solidified.

There are also still several seats that NEED Democratic candidates! If you are interested in becoming a candidate and running for local office, contact the RCDP or the RCYD and we will help you in every way we can to prepare and inform you on everything you’ll need to know to run.

The rigor that we have seen from people wanting to get involved has been tremendously encouraging for us as an organization, and we cannot be more thrilled for what 2018 has in store for Democrats. We are so close to seeing all of our efforts, and hope, manifest into change. We are living proof that you can be the change that you seek.

Thank you, the RCYD.